Aims and Principles of the Project

Leaving a Semantic Footprint

As an event at the forefront of Semantic Web research, ESWC2006 is aiming to leave a significant semantic footprint. This legacy of the event will include semantic markup generated from existing sources, annotations from delegates at the conference, and the experience of using leading edge Semantic Web applications to support a real event.

Being Open to Any Application

A number of core applications will support the primary Semantic Web features and functionalities at the conference. However, any application should be able to use the data semantically describing the conference to provide new features, and we encourage this. Realising a Semantic Web will always be a collective activity and this applies just as much to ESWC2006. Please consider getting involved.

Not Inventing Everything Overnight

Whilst our aim is to highlight the state of the art in Semantic Web Technologies by applying them to a single event, we know we cannot realise the Semantic Web overnight. Hence there will be times when we've produced some RDF data about an aspect of the conference, and there's no clear clear application for it. We would encourage people to see that as an opportunity rather than a limitation, and to create new applications to make use of it.

Features and Functionalities Wishlist

This list below details the key functionalities we're planning to have in place for the conference.