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  Accepted Posters  
3rd European Semantic Web Conference
11 - 14 June 2006
Budva (Montenegro)

  Accepted Posters
  Paper Title:   Authors:  
  Ontologies, Questionnaires and (Mining) Tabular Data   Vojtech Svátek  
  Applying Semantic Web Services to Virtual Travel Agency Case Study   Maciej Zaremba, Matthew Moran, Thomas Haselwanter  
  Ontology Mapping for Learning Objects Repositories Interoperability   Amel Bouzeghoub, Abdeltif Elbyed  
  On the relation between trust on input and reliability of output   Mauro Mazzieri, Aldo Franco Dragoni  
  TMwiki – a Collaborative Environment for Topic Map Development   Bernd Markscheffel, Hendrik Thomas, Dirk Stelzer  
  Web Service Ranking in Service Networks   John Gekas  
  Semantic Wikipedia   Max Völkel, Markus Krötzsch, Denny Vrandecic, Heiko Haller, Rudi Studer  
  CCBR Ontology for Reusable Service Templates   Charlie Abela, Matthew Montebello  
  From BPEL4WS Process Model to Full OWL-S Ontology   Muhammad Ahtisham Aslam, Sören Auer, Jun Shen  
  Towards an Ontology Metadata Standard   Raul Palma, Jens Hartmann, Asunción Gómez-Pérez  
  A Personalized Hotel Selection Engine   Jörg Garbers, Magnus Niemann, Malgorzata Mochol  
  Paving the way towards the e-humanities: a Semantic Web approach to support the learning of philosophy   Michele Pasin, Enrico Motta  
  SEA: Introducing the Semantic Exchange Architecture   Thomas Franz, Carsten Saathoff, Olaf Görlitz, Christoph Ringelstein, Steffen Staab  
  Task Ontology-Based Framework for Modeling Users’ Activities for Mobile Service Navigation   Munehiko Sasajima, Yoshinobu Kitamura, Takefumi Naganuma, Shoji Kurakake, Riichiro Mizoguchi  
  Triple Space Computing: A framework for the new communication paradigm   Reto Krummenacher, Francisco Martin Recuerda, Martin Murth, Johannes Riemer, Ying Ding, Dieter Fensel  
  Towards a Reference Ontology of Functionality for Interoperable Annotation for Engineering Documents   Yoshinobu Kitamura, Naoya Washio, Masanori Ookubo, Yusuke Koji, Munehiko Sasajima, Sunao Takajuji, Riichiro Mizoguchi  
  OWL Linker: A tool for E-connecting OWL Ontologies   Farnaz Derakhshan  
  From Personal Ontologies to Socialized Semantic Space   Jason J. Jung, Jérôme Euzenat  
  TagFS: Bringing Semantic Metadata to the Filesystem   Simon Schenk, Olaf G¨ orlitz, Steffen Staab  
  ACLs in OWL: practical reasoning about access   Norman Gray  
  Semantic mapping to synchronize data and knowledge   Olivier Curé, Raphaël Squelbut  
  Community-based Annotation of Multimedia Documents   Ajay Chakravarthy, Vitaveska Lanfranchi, Fabio Ciravegna  
  Web Service Discovery - A Reality Check   Daniel Bachlechner, Katharina Siorpaes, Holger Lausen, Dieter Fensel  
  Ontology Access in Grids with WS-DAIOnt and the RDF(S) Realization   Miguel Esteban Gutiérrez, Asun Gómez-Pérez, Óscar Muñoz García  
  An ontology-based system for interactive exploration of information sources   Jeroen Wester, Christiaan Fluit, Jeen Broekstra, Herko ter Horst, Arjohn Kampman  
  Developing SWS for e-Government   Leticia Gutierrez Villarias, Rob Davies, Mary Rowlatt  
  Applying Semantic Web Technology in a Digital Library   Ian Thurlow, Alistair Duke, John Davies  
  Integrating Semantic Web Services for Mobile Access   Anupriya Ankolekar, Pascal Hitzler, Holger Lewen, Daniel Oberle, Rudi Studer  
  Towards the Semantic Web in e-Tourism: Lack of Semantics or Lack of Content?   Martin Hepp, Katharina Siorpaes, Daniel Bachlechner  
  Litteratus Calculus: a manifesto for a demographic way to build a sustainable Semantic Web   Jean Rohmer  
  ONTHOLOGY - An Ontology Metadata Repository   Jens Hartmann